Esoteric Philosopher: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

Light or Darkness?
The Alice Leighton Cleather Basil Crump 1929 attack on Theosophy
Teaching planned by Hierarchy
No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
Pre Adamic Satanic Races
The Golden Wheel Head Centre
Shigatse and Tda-shi-Hlumpo Monastery
The Forbidden City
Red Caps and Sect Worship
Five India's
The Lotus Sleep
Entrenched with Debt
Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
HPB: The Hierarchial Link
The Ocean of Reasoning: Tsong Khapa
The Essence of True Eloquence: Tsong khapa
A Golden Lotus Sutra
Three buddhic vestures, three human vehicles.
The Source Measure 43
Third sub plane of the Fifth manasic plane
Initiations and Atomic Matter
Telepathic/Etheric Transmission
Divine Light of the Cosmic Atom
Book of Imperfections
Magnetic power of Master
Formula of Creative Combinations
Golden Rays of the Sun
Radiation of the Master
Etheric plane vibrational frequencies
Cosmic Physical plane vibrational frequencies
Formula of Karmic Mass: Km = mdlc²
Differentiated Molecules
Light and Matter United
The 49/I/6 VIOLET/White/Red
Hiawatha: Line of the Red Ray
Zionist Movement: The seperating door
A stand against Soviet Communism
"the central triangle at the heart"
The Race for the Atom Bomb
The Zionist Question Today
Age Of Aquarius @ 1945
Failure to register adequate dynamic incentives
First Ray Magnetic Corruption
Sevenfold Intent to Destroy
Higher and Lower Ray expressions as used by the White and Black Lodges
The Black Master
The Horoscope, Invalid Upon Liberation
Fenian Dynamiters The Clan na Gael
The Fourth Fundamental of the Ageless Wisdom
The Dark Star, Carbonic Gas and the Global Atmosphere
The Jurassic Period and the Lords of the Flame
Manifestation, Withdrawal And Externalization Of Hierarchy
Significance of the year 1945
The Divine Avatars Maitreya Christ, Maitreya Buddha.
A "culture of respect."
Age Of Aquarius & The Years 1900, 1945, and 2035.
Ida, Pingala, and the Central Sushumna.
Fervid Gold And Gold Fever
Colonel H. S. Olcott And Abraham Lincoln
Colonel H. S. Olcott
The Red Rajputs And The Moryan Dynasty
Ozone And Climatic Conditions On Earth
Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Four Requirements" Refinement of the physical body is an Essential
The Freedom Of The Seven Solar Systems
Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.
The Leading Great Rishi and Pleiad, Alkaid And Alcylone
The Law of Solar Union and The Cycle Of Sunship
Seven Rishis, Seven Timekeepers
The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'
Mars: Karttikeya. Agnibhu "fire born."
August Neptune: Arisen over the Horizon
Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.
Thomas Alva Edison
J.W. Keely, un-conscious Occultist. A "natural-born magician."
Keely, Edison and Tesla.
J.W. Keely and the Vril
Sedna and Xena
The Christ in the KH Letters
Earth Kundilini Base Scheme, Eventual Heart Triangle
Eire : Ireland
Tara And The Druids
Sisera and the Battle Of Megiddo
Root - Sub Races
Rays And Jewels
The Dark Ones
Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas
The Divine Circulatory Flow of the Cosmic Mother/Love
Obsession And Behavioural Problems
Vaisyas and Sudras shall tread the highest path
The School for Warriors
The School of Beneficent Magicians
The Schools of Aspiration and Painful Endeavor
Earth Mercury Anguish Aspiration
"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
Magnetism, Radiation, Attraction and Repulsion
Austerity And Sternness
The Way of Resistance To Evil
Light or Darkness?
The Five Kumaras Of Manasic Energy
Four Kumaras: The Holy Four
The Ancient Of Days And William Blake
Plato: The Great Thinker
The Blood
Criminality: A Psychic Disease
Labor: a battle with chaos
H.P.B. And The Battle Of Mentana
Fohat, Para-Fohat, Pan-Fohat!
Treason And The Traitor
Jesus/Joshua, Appollonius, Origen.
Bruce Lee: The Worrier Within. The Art of the Soul.
Opinion, from Latin opnr, to think.
Mars: Her Descher. The Red One.
Mt. Everest
The Year 1952
The Year 1936
Poles Of Light And Darkness
Zero Ray
Diamonds Are Forever
Respiration, Prana, Breath, Ozone:
"racial purity"
Intoxicants and Narcotics
The Chohan Hilarion: The Annunciator!
Henry Lewis Stimson
Cosmic Dust
Egypt, Chemi, Kham.
The United States: Banner Of Light Against Totalitarianism
John Law: Corrupt Scottish Financier
New Orleans: Seven Brothers of the Blood
Black Holes@Zero Points, Laya Centers and Gravitation
The Vitrified Forts of Scotland
7x7=49 degrees of the Negative pole and of the Positive pole.
Teachings on the Third Reich
Tamas and Teros
Arhat, Adept, Chohan.
Hatha Yoga
Port Said (bûr sacîd)
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Lord Lytton.
A Christian reflection On the New Age
T. Subba Rao
Hitlers Indian Army
Winston Churchill
Otto von Bismarck and the Realm of the Holy Roman Empire
William Q. Judge
Lord Ripon Governor-General Viceroy of India and Grand Master Mason
Venus, Light Bearer To Earth:
Great Britain/Prydian and Llyn-llion/Lyonness
Gaza Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Benjamin Disraeli 'Beaconsfield' 1st Earl of
Telepathic Discourse and the Amanuensis
Napolean The Great
The Pancreas
The Spleen, Organ Of Solar Prana
Kashmere: Brahman Mahatma Of the Lunar Race.
The Roman Empire

Can the inhabitants of Earth sleep in peace while somewhere human dignity is abased to a beastlike condition? MM.
Thus, discern that he who fears the future belongs to darkness; this is the surest touchstone. MM.

Can one give in to terror, knowing about the Supermundane Law? SMD4 830.
The denier is not only prepared to defend his own ignorance, he dreams of surrounding all humanity with a wall of terror.
Where then is the primary cause of the frenzy of egoism? Man, sowing terror, is himself senselessly fearful. In the denier sits not only ignorance but also a base fear. NEC 157.
To those spirits who have not yet outlived slavery it should be repeated that Hierarchy differs completely from despotism. Hier 151.
Fear is unfitting, and terror is self-destructive. AUM 84.
Terror shakes the coward, but for Us terror is entirely inadmissible. AY 39.
Ignorant people do not understand that slavery dwells in darkness while freedom dwells in the Light of Hierarchy. FW2 84.
When slavery, the shame of the World, is manifested, then one must expect a change of epoch. FW2 120.
The chains of fear are peculiar to slavery. FW2 292.
Faint-heartedness is slavery of the spirit. FW3 217.
The coming era must free humanity from all slavery. Heart 139.
Life becomes filled with tyranny and slavery instead of freedom, precisely the qualities that exclude cooperation and respect for personality; thus, some people succeed in planning their existence exclusively out of a special combination of tyranny and slavery. Heart 85.
Life becomes filled with tyranny and slavery instead of freedom, precisely the qualities that exclude cooperation and respect for personality; thus, some people succeed in planning their existence exclusively out of a special combination of tyranny and slavery. Heart 85.
Of course, you may be asked, "How does this condition stand with the dark ones, when their hierophants possess certain fires?" 
It is correct to understand that dark amorality rests upon the discipline of fear. One should realize how cruel is this discipline! Whereas We very cautiously take into consideration the law of Karma and value individuality; on the opposite side are disharmony and destruction, and their foundations are upheld by tyranny. Of course, upon the lower steps fear seems to be a sure method.
Thus, the dark terrorizer appears as a severe creditor. But one must have in mind the solidarity of the dark, amoral destroyers. Often warriors of little experience do not want to know the strength of the enemies, but the heart can be pierced as well through the breast as through the back. Therefore, learn the methods of the enemies. Heart 111.
Not tyranny but true cooperation is necessary. Broadest cooperation is inscribed upon the Banner of the New Era. The main quality of a leader is to be able to assemble co-workers of the most diverse natures and unify them in the same striving. Is not our unification achieved by our devotion to the Teacher? Thus, let us remember that the Teacher directs our advancement by magnanimous cooperation, not by force. LHR1.
Universally full rights for all humanity should be a sign of the times. Public opinion must imperatively demand justice. Such fullness of rights must be manifested as a natural law in world relationship. Full rights are the most indispensable condition.
People pride themselves on the abolition of slavery, but has it actually be eliminated everywhere? Can the inhabitants of Earth sleep in peace while somewhere human dignity is abased to a beastlike condition?  Can people boast of enlightenment when they know that full rights do not exist? Thus, one should not regard the matter of full rights as having been already justly solved. AUM 418.
He who rejects cooperation inevitably falls into slavery. BRO 572.
The man who is lost in conjecture as to where is slavery and where freedom is unable to think about the community. NEC 98.
All forms of slavery will be destroyed as signs of darkness. NEC 108.
There is too much slavery in the world.  LHR1.
There can be no truce with Satan. Near Satan there is only slavery...Thus, let us charge upon Satan. AUM 39.
Hierarchy of freedom, Hierarchy of knowledge, Hierarchy of Light. Let those scoff who are ignorant of the inception of the New World, for each concept of a New World frightens them. Is not Infinity terrifying to them? Is not Hierarchy burdensome for them? Being ignorant despots themselves, they do not understand the constructiveness of Hierarchy. Being cowards themselves, they are horrified in the face of an achievement. Hier 345.
Terror fills the world,  Do not follow the pathway of terror. FW2 251.
Fear and terror form a peculiar magnet. One may surmise what is attracted by such a dark magnet!
People observe that fear darkens the sight. Indeed, darkness advances upon one possessed by terror.
Each instant man is evoking Light or darkness. AUM 145.
If darkness is perilous, then the goal must be great. FW2 364.
Let us write down questions for a disciple: "Dost thou not serve darkness? Art thou not a servitor of doubt? Art thou not a traitor? Art thou not a liar? Art thou not ribald? Art thou not a sluggard? Art thou not irritable? Hast thou a tendency to inconstancy? Art thou not negligent? Dost thou understand devotion? Art thou ready to labor? Wilt thou not be afraid of Light?" Thus ask disciples when preparing them for probation. Hier 129.
Darkness has loyal co-workers among unbalanced people. If you see attacks upon useful undertakings, look attentively and you will see that the persecutors have not even the slightest degree of harmony within themselves. Study them and you will observe the inadequacies of their reasoning faculties and learn how to resist their trickery. SMD2 345.
At present you encounter four types of people:
The first is fighting under Our Shield;
The second fights without Our protection, but already is completing the payment of its karmic debts; The third wanders and gropes, blinded by the dark veil of its fate;
The fourth comprises the enemies of Light.
The first ones will understand your call.
The second will quiver with expectancy.
The third will indifferently turn their heads away.
And the fourth will answer you, arrow for arrow. LOMG1 424.
Urusvati knows that the Great Pilgrim was frequently attacked by the forces of darkness. These incidents were mentioned in the Scriptures, and one might question how occurrences that no one had witnessed could have been recorded. It was the Teacher Himself who wanted to prepare His disciples for that battle and therefore, rather than conceal the struggle that was taking place, He recounted His own experiences to illustrate it. He said,
"Every human being constantly finds himself in three battles. Although he may imagine that he is completely at peace, he actually takes part in three battles simultaneously.
"The first battle is between the free will and karma. Nothing can excuse man from taking part in the struggle between these two principles.
"The second battle takes place between the disembodied entities of good and evil, which surround man and influence him in one way or another. It is difficult to imagine the fury of the dark forces when they attempt to take possession of man.
"The third battle resounds in the Infinite, in space, between the subtle energies and the waves of chaos. The human imagination is too limited to envision these battles in Infinity. SMD1 161.
One can feel how aggravated is the interrelation between the powers of Light and darkness, which increases the non-conformity of the reaction of nature. You can see how greatly perturbed are the weak spirits, how greatly obsessions increase, and to what an extent these obsessions complicate karma. So, also, the earthly battle should not upset anyone, because one can understand how it is magnified in Infinity. Hier 247.
All the terror of the legions of darkness cannot overcome an intense striving to the future. FW1 425.
One must understand that a boundary runs between Light and darkness. True, it is a tortuous line, but according to the heart the adherents of darkness can unerringly be recognized. Can he who is dark in heart strive upward? Will he reject lie and self-love in the course of life? Will he conquer fear when facing the future?
Thus, discern that he who fears the future belongs to darkness; this is the surest touchstone. Heart 403.
When the world is in convulsion the battle between Light and darkness is most intense. INF2 249.
Understanding of Light and darkness, as well as of the conformity of the Luminaries with Our Source, is the counsel of the Fiery World. FW2 302.
So wary are people of the unusual that they are confused about the boundaries of light and darkness. AY 2.
When the Forces of Light and darkness are fighting, the orbit of each camp is being established. That which nurtures the camp of Light will certainly be the center of tension, and the goal of Light will be the target for darkness. Therefore, when the Forces are in conflict, everything pertaining to the center should be guarded. The main Fire of Space will abide in the center, and the protecting net should be guarded. Thus, the orbit of Light engulfs darkness. Hier 309.
The present is revealed as the time for introspection and adoption of these great designations, for the battle between Light and darkness is at hand. Thus, on the path to the Fiery World let us intensify our energies in the name of the Living Ethics. FW3 137.
Therefore, the dividing line between knowledge and ignorance is the dividing line between light and darkness. AY 90.
Between the two Origins — Light and Darkness — the protective auric net shines like armor. Truly it is the boundary between Light and Darkness! FW1 282.
If we look on our planet from above, we will observe, besides the evident volcanoes, particular vortices of light and darkness. The human spirit can create powerful manifestations of energy. One may state that the vortices of Light are saviors of the equilibrium of the planet. Nor is it far from the truth to state that the vortices of darkness contain a destructive gas, which is not only deadly to the crust of the planet but can alter the climate and even significantly effect a shifting of the poles. FW1 664.
Certainly the planet is passing through Armageddon, and all its affirmations are sharply divided into the camps of Light and darkness. Therefore, the great discharge leads to fiery purification. FW3 183.
Besides higher vigilance, a conscious discernment of the forces of Light and darkness is indispensable. Only steadfastness and conscious fearlessness will bring victory. FW3 343.
The circle of summation awakens all energies, for in the final battle all the forces of Light and darkness will take part, from the very Highest down to the dregs. FW3 350.
The circle of summation is the Highest Ordination. The circle of summation manifests its Will also for the Fiery Right. The circle of summation is manifested as the highest creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet. Therefore all Commands and events are led down to the present time. Thus, in the Luminous Ordinance the might of the prince of this World likewise intensifies all its forces. Therefore Cosmic Right enters into life. Realization of the circle of summation reveals many structures which saturate the World with Light and darkness. FW3 351.
Upon the lower plane of Being the conditions of good and evil differ from their significance in the Highest World. One can visualize a glowing furnace of Light and a yawning gorge of darkness. Thus awesomely the swords of the demons and the Archangels are crossed! Amidst the flashes of battle, how many hearts are drawn toward Light and darkness! Heart 63.
When the fate of the planet is being determined, the forces are distributed along the poles of Light and darkness; therefore, each spirit must guard itself from faint-heartedness. To side with Light means to walk with Us under the Banner of Hierarchy; to side with darkness means to walk under the yoke of the black banner. Hier 147.
And as long as slavery and barbarism remain in many areas, how can one dream about universal education? But We will say, not only can one dream, one must. Space must be filled with commands to begin campaigns for education. SMD2 321.
Jeremy Condick.

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